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James Christie // Bryant Christie Inc.

President // Bryant Christie Inc.

James Christie is the President and Managing Director, as well as a Founder, of Bryant Christie Inc.(BCI). BCI helps companies and associations open, access, and expand international markets with a focus on the agriculture, food, and beverage sectors. BCI also provides regulatory intelligence information to exporters around the world though BCGlobal, a suite of online regulatory databases. BCGlobal offerings include pesticide and veterinary drug MRLs, contaminant limits, and food additive regulations.

James believes that one does not have to depart from his or her passions or roots in order to succeed–if anything, he believes the opposite is true. James traces his passion for helping growers and exporters access and succeed in global marketsto growing up and working on his family’s small farm in Walnut Grove, California where he continues to be an active member in the agricultural community.

As president of BCI, James has helped open and developmarkets around the worldfor U.S. agricultural producers, food manufacturers, and beverage makers. He is most proud of his work in building BCI over the past 27 years and of his family, particularly his two daughters, one of whom works as aU.S. Senatestaffer in Washington, DC, and one who is a sophomore at the University of California at Davis.

James holds a degree in Fermentation Science from the University of California at Davis and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California at Irvine.

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