Blue Diamond Growers


From our hearts, to your hands

It’s the fruit of commitment to a craft, and care woven into every step of the process. It’s a beautiful reward for countless subtle decisions.

And as a co-op of more than 3,000 growers, with one guiding goal, to bring the benefits of almonds to the world, we’ve been pioneering how almonds are enjoyed for over 100 years.

Our diverse line of products are a measure of care and consistency, nurtured by the hands and minds of generations of growers, and an organization that knows that creating a quality product is more than a job.

It’s who we are.

We are The Almond People.

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Our Interview with Blue Diamond about their food safety program

Question 1: How does your company foster a dynamic Food Safety Culture?”

Blue Diamond Growers™ Food Safety Culture starts with our “One Team.”  Food safety is no longer a passive concept policed by a company’s Quality Assurance Department, but rather at Blue Diamond Growers™ food safety is a fundamental responsibility that is inherent across all team members.  From Mark Jansen, President, and CEO for Blue Diamond Growers™, on downward to our vigilant frontline team members in our manufacturing facilities, every employee works together as “One Team” to promote and maintain our food safety culture.

Question 2: How do you educate your employees about “Why” we are vigilant?

Within the almond industry, Blue Diamond Growers™ is a leader in state-of-the-art manufacturing and product innovation and entrusts the leadership to multidisciplinary team members who are empowered as stewards of food safety.  Blue Diamond Growers™ is an active member in the food industry and trade organizations, along with industry organizations such as the Almond Board of California and its various committees.  Communications on the importance of, and any changes to, food safety concepts are relayed to our team members through annual food safety training, monthly department meetings, weekly tailgates, daily pre-shift meetings, virtual monitors, emails and direct one-on-one dialogues.  As “One Team,” every team member at Blue Diamond Growers™ is committed to delivering the benefits of almonds to the world; a benefit that begins with our Food Safety Culture.

Question 3: Describe in detail what the company strives for in food safety to merit membership in the Pinnacle Club?

As a leader in almond production and marketing, Blue Diamond Growers™ strives to uphold, promote and improve our programs based on the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards as established by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute.  Blue Diamond Growers™ undergoes an audit of our Food Safety and Quality program at a frequency of one audit per week.  Whether administered by our Certification Body, the Safe Food Certifications, a customer or by a Regulatory agency, “passing” an audit is just as important as identifying opportunities for improving our Food Safety and Quality program and enhancing our Food Safety Culture.

Question 4: Why, in your opinion, should a company want to be part of the Pinnacle Club?

Obtaining recognition in Safe Food Alliance’s Pinnacle Club identifies the dedication of the food manufacturer by ensuring their food safety program exceeds current regulatory standards while striving to improve its programs towards “best practice.”

Question 5: How do you promote your food safety program to suppliers and customers?

Supply Chain Management and Market Distribution play a key role to ensure the integrity of the food supply.  Within the food supply chain, all entities are a supplier, manufacturer, or customer of some product or ingredient at some point in time.  Adherence to food safety standards and expectations transcends all supply chain roles.   Blue Diamond Growers™ recognizes its suppliers and customers as partners in food safety and promotes communicating food standards and expectations amongst our partners.  Just as Blue Diamond Growers™ promotes “One Team” amongst its team members, we look to promote a “One Supplier” amongst our suppliers and customers.

Question 6: What is the company’s most significant challenges in food safety?

Blue Diamond Growers™ created the almond industry over 100 years ago and currently operates with an infrastructure of historic buildings and supporting systems. As the industry and technology evolve, these buildings and supporting systems require modernization, giving Blue Diamond an opportunity to advance its food safety landscape with future growth. The Turlock facility and New Manufacturing facility in Salida are great examples of how Blue Diamond Growers™ incorporates food safety expectations in designing, building, and maintaining a state-of-the-art infrastructure and processing lines.

Question 7: Are you planning to upgrade your program in 2019 and beyond, and if so, how?

For 2019 and beyond, Blue Diamond Growers™ plans to bolster our Food Safety Culture by incorporating the SQF Quality Code standards within our programs.  The combination of the SQF food safety and food quality standards further enhances Blue Diamond Growers™ commitment of delivering the benefits of almonds to the world while delighting our customers with safe and wholesome almond products and innovations.