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Last year the Under the Sea Gala sold out, and we expect this year to sell out again.
Reserve your ticket now before you miss the biggest party in the food safety community.



Safe Food California is about more than just food safety. On April 1st, 2020, immerse yourself in the Safe Food California 2020 Monterey Masquerade Gala. This year’s gala is gearing up to be a night you won’t forget with exciting entertainment, delicious food, and an intoxicating atmosphere.

Test your skills with carnival games and gambling tables, all specifically designed to make you feel like you are part of a midnight masquerade on the streets of Venice. When you want to take a break from the games, explore the Convention Center, which will transform into another world or take a twirl on the dancefloor where the Alison Sharino Band will perform.

The night concludes in an exciting raffle where all attendees have the chance to win big prizes such as trips, tickets, and gift baskets.


With their fantastic sound and intoxicating stage presence, the Alison Sharino Band will return to Safe Food California for another year! The Alison Sharino Band loves what they do, and it shows in their on-stage exuberance. The five-piece band's extensive song list covers a wide variety of styles and eras of music, from Glenn Miller to James Blunt, and everything in between. The Alison Sharino Band thrives on involving the audience, and their good time spirit is contagious.


This year’s gala theme is “Monterey Masquerade," with a black-tie dress code. We encourage you to dress to the theme by wearing masks, sparkling dresses, jewel tones, and masquerade jewelry.

If you are not able to purchase a mask, one will be provided to you. We suggest, however, to find the perfect mask to match your outfit.

Sometimes dressing up isn't easy. To help, we have created a Pinterest Board to Guide you