Safe Food Alliance

About Us

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, Safe Food Alliance was founded to meet the consumer demand for safe and quality food. Safe Food

Alliance offers technical food safety services to enable growers, packers, processors and manufacturers to proactively achieve and maintain the highest food safety standards.

Safe Food Alliance is a premier food safety provider of accredited laboratory testing and analysis, training and consulting, and certification audits. With the rapidly growing expectations from regulators, consumers, and retail outlets, companies have had to become more proactive in their approach to food safety practices. Safe Food Alliance is here to serve as a resource to the food industry for any and all food safety practices.

Mission—We are passionately committed to providing solutions that lead to safe food.

Vision—To inspire a safe food culture worldwide.

Our Values

When it comes to our people and the way we work, we possess six core values. We demand the highest accountability and integrity from our professionals. We are committed to being efficient through demonstrating expertise and competency. We are constantly seeking new innovations by proactively anticipating the future and driving change